250,000 penalty points for traffic violations

Bolognese increasingly disorderly behind the wheel

Bologna’s roads are increasingly more dangerous than ever. Speeding, ignoring red lights, use of mobile phones while driving and child seats not being fastened with safety belts. Even basic rules are being completely overlooked now.

DANGER: The highest stat registered by Road Safety Education Observatory in 2017 relates to a 16.95 increase in cell phone use at the wheel.

Road Safety numbers

Cell phone use while driving

Cell phone use while driving

In 2017, road infringements detected grew by 13% with a consequent increase in penalty points for driving licenses. This is the pure data processed by the Road Safety Education Observatory, based on the numbers provided and validated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The scenario that emerges is worrying: every day in the greater Bologna area 164 infractions are committed resulting in drivers clocking up to 664 points.

Therefore in total 59,930 infractions were committed, 7,700 more than the previous year. A 13% increase in fact. As a consequence, the points removed from driving licenses also increased, which rose from 210,275 to 242,372 in twelve months. A datum only partly justifiable with the growth in active drivers, which today totals 672,519, just under 12 thousand more than in 2016. The vast majority (631,351) naturally types B, the most common. From the Observatory and Ministry data there is also another interesting aspect: almost 1 out of 6 driving licenses (over 113,000) concerns people over 70, a percentage that rises to 23.9% if we consider the 65-69 age group.

Unknown limits

The full reason, however, cannot be attributed only to the installation of some extra speed cameras, because in just 12 months speeding infractions have increased by 11.69%, from 24.342 to 27.541. Over 3,200 more, or almost ten a day. Translated into penalty points this means in one year drivers have lost almost 10,000, in the vast majority of type B licenses, all motorists in fact.

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: In 2016 75 points were cancelled from those caught driving while ‘under the influence’. In 2017, it was 125.

Traffic lights and belts

Mandatory breath testing

Mandatory breath testing

Even these two categories have recorded worrying numbers: the infringements for Article 146 of the Highway Code (respect for red lights) shot up by 6.77%, from 89.136 to 96.182, and this data cannot be explained only with the increase in electronic eyes to control more and more road crossings. The story is a little better for infractions of Article 172 (no use of belts or use of child seats), increased by 3.06%, although it seems incredible that even today there are those who still drive around forgetting the most basic safety precautions for themselves and even for their little ones.

Boom time for cell phones and alcohol

These are one of the new scourges behind many road accidents. Yet, despite the information and awareness campaigns over these years, infringements for the use of radiotelephonic devices (Article 173) have increased by 16.9%, the highest figure among those recorded by the Observatory: in 2016 there were 2,206, while last year they recorded 2,438. The consequences for drivers in 2017 meant that they lost a combined 12,300 points just for this particular infringement. It’s a similar picture for those who circulate with alcohol levels in their blood above the legal limit: in 2016 there were 75 whilst last year there were as many as 125.

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