17 schools to be demolished!

Municipality: “Adapting them to anti-seismic criteria would cost more than rebuilding them.”

There are 13 gyms and 17 schools of which the Municipality is the owner, and little by little will have to be abandoned because, in terms of a cost and benefit assessment, they cannot be fully adapted to current anti-seismic standards. They must be demolished and rebuilt.


Classroom from the 70’s

Frightening stats

“10% of the 173 municipal schools and 30% of the 45 school gyms,” are affected says Fabio Andreon, manager of the Maintenance sector of the Municipality in committee. Very few buildings are not completely anti-seismic the engineer announces. Scandellara, Farini and Don Marella gyms and, by way of example in the elementary school are De Vigri and Zanotti in the high school in via del Giacinto.”

Cinque Stelle on the attack

The City will replace Plessi in the future, with a new school at Prati di Caprara. Moreover, there is much more Andreon does not say. Marco Piazza and Elena Foresti of Cinque Stelle immediately challenged the Comune to provide a list of schools and gyms in the commission because they claim no document has thus far been provided. “The schools and gyms in divestment are those on which it is not possible to upgrade to anti-seismic standards, but at best an improvement,” explains Andreon. These include structures from the ’70s, “with characteristics that were good then but now not sufficient to define them as “safe” in the event of an earthquake.” This is because the seismic zoning has changed and because the current legislation requires other requirements. In particular, the engineer specifies, it affects the presence of the supporting beams: after the 2012 earthquake, the Municipality intervened to fix them, “but we can not intervene definitively.” On the buildings in question, “we are intervening for seismic improvements, but we will never reach the values required by law. To do this, we need to spend more money than we can to demolish and rebuild.”

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