Shop in Via Caduti di Cefalonia violates order of alcohol sale

Checks by the Municipal Police confirm problems of ‘urban safety’

Shuttered shop in Via Caduti di Cefalonia

Shuttered shop in Via Caduti di Cefalonia

Forced to shutter at 19

A commune communiqué states: “The Mayor Virginio Merola, has signed an ordinance that reduces the opening hours of a neighborhood shop located in Via Caduti di Cefalonia, in the heart of the historic center: from the time of notification, which occurred yesterday, until 30 June 2019, the shop must be closed every day from 1900-0700 the next day.”

A spokesperson from Palazzo D’Accursio also confirms that, the provision was necessary because the owner has distorted the vocation of commercial activity: the supply of alcohol is higher than that of food and non-food products for domestic use, which should be instead the main activity of the commercial activity.

Future penalty

Therefore, after numerous checks carried out by the Municipal Police confirmed the urban safety problems due to the systematic violation of the ban on selling alcoholic drinks in glass containers after 10pm, as per the Urban Police Regulations. “In many cases, the sale has continued even after 24, in violation of the law that protects the levels of safety in road traffic, so the order to limit the hours has been withdrawn. If not respected, a penalty will apply from 300-500 euros.” And in case of repetitive violations, a communication will be sent to the Questore for further action.

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