Piazza Grande celebrates 25 year anniversary

First publication hit the streets December 6th, 1993

After suspending its publication run in July, Piazza Grande, the first street newspaper in Italy, published by the association by the same name, will begin distribution again in the New Year. It has been completely updated with a new format and graphics, designed by Fabrizio Bonfiglio and photos by Malì Erotico.

First printed publication Piazza Grande Dec 1993

First printed publication Piazza Grande Dec 1993

New magazine format

Piazza Grande is leaving behind its old tabloid format to become a real monthly magazine (with the exception of January and August). It will have 16 pages in colour written and designed by an editorial staff, operators, citizens, and guests from those social levels it hopes to help. It is being directed by Malvina Bonali and Andrea Giagnorio and will include reports, investigations, interviews, and comments, personal columns pertaining to those who are too often not listened to. Themes to be discussed include rights, welcoming immigrants, poverty, social marginalization, what is happening in Bologna and above all the response that a community can give to the many challenges of our present times.

Important themes

The issue distributed since December 6, 1993, deals with two current issues of great impact on the homeless population: on one hand the urban ‘daspo’, introduced by the previous government and expanded by the current, and already applied in Bologna; on the other hand the security decree, with particular attention to the reception applied to the migrant population. Ample space is also dedicated to Storie del dormiveglia, the docufilm by Luca Magi produced in Rostom, one of the low-threshold structures of the city, and which has won awards and mentions in the film festivals where it has so far been shown. Storie del dormiveglia will be screened again in Bologna on Monday 10 December at 9 pm at the Europa cinema (Via Pietralata 55, admission 6 euros), in the presence of the director and within the Kinodromo billboard.

Dedicated personal columns

Completing the magazine are the personal columns. They are dedicated to the deconstruction of stereotypes about homeless people, sports voices on the DiMondi tournament, Voices from prison by the Bandiera Gialla Association, Voices from the earth and from the world cuisines dedicated respectively to the city’s green initiatives and to the most varied recipes, Voices from the Market that tells the stories of the objects passing by the Piazza Grande Market (in Via Stalingrado 97/2, open Tuesday-Saturday from 9.30-18.00) and Voices from the editorial staff, in response to the letters received from Piazza Grande and the other newspapers. Finally, Stelle di Strada is the monthly horoscope column written by the editorial staff of Piazza Grande.

Distribution network

There is no set price for paying for the newspaper, whoever, a minimum €2 contribution is encouraged to off set printing charges and help those distributing the paper. There is the possibility to subscribe for both individuals and associations. Copies will be distributed around the streets every Friday and available at some fixed points. The newspaper will be in some Arci circles (Hippodrome – via di Corticella 61, Mercato Sonato – via G. Tartini 3, Benassi – viale Cavina 4, Caserme Rosse – via di Corticella 147/2, Ritmolento – via San Carlo 12/A and Guernelli – via A. Gandusio 6), in the Cgil HQ (via Marconi 69), in bars Fermento (via Serra 11/C) and Kinotto (via SebastianoSerlio 25/2), by Senape Viviaio Urbano (via Santa Croce 10), La Leonarda (via San

Leonardo 2/2) and the Infoshop Way (via Mascarella 24/B). The editorial staff will bring their work to the streets every Friday from 12-14 and from 17-19 in the main squares of the city, Wednesday in Làbas (vicolo Bolognetti 2) and Saturdays at Mercato Ritrovato (via Azzo Gardino 65).

The birth of Piazza Grande

The return of Piazza Grande coincides with its 25th birthday. It was in fact established in 1993 in a Bolognese dormitory on Via Sabatucci, which has always shared and supports the value of this publication.

To celebrate the grand event, the association will organizes an evening of donations on Thursday, December 13 at the TPO (via Casarini 17/5). Scheduled at 6 pm the roundtable will include ‘Discussing those who are marginalized’ and will be moderated by the journalist Vincenzo Branà, with the speeches by Professor Giovanna Cosenza, professor of Semiotics of the University of Bologna, and some members of the editorial staff of the Piazza Grande newspaper: Leonardo Tancredi, director Andrea Giagnorio, editorial director and editor-in-chief Malvina Bonali. The Piazza Grande Christmas dinner will follow afterwards.


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