Mimmo Lucano awarded Honorary Citizenship

City council approves a proposal by PD Francesco Errani

Riace Mayor Mimmo Lucano

Photo: Riace Mayor Mimmo Lucano, correiredellacalabria.it

“Today the City Council of Bologna has approved my proposal to confer honorary citizenship of the city of Bologna to Mimmo Lucano, mayor of Riace,” Errani proudly announced. The PD municipal councillor announced the news across all the social networks and it quickly spread to the news outlets too.

Lucano was placed under house arrest at the beginning of October for aiding illegal immigration and directing the fraudulent activity of the waste collection service to two cooperatives. After being freed on October the 17th, he had to leave his community, which has now become the symbol of welcoming migrants and refugees, due to a prohibition of residence handed down by the Reggio Calabria Court.

Errani Facebook post

Errani Facebook post

For Errani, however, Mimmo Lucano “is a symbol of an experience that has shown how migration can be a resource for the revival and rebirth of local communities. We can transform solidarity into something concrete, with a civil gesture of great importance. But not only in Riace, even Bologna is a supportive city that continues to resist.”

Errani raccounted his meet up with Lucano on a Facebook page. “In the summer of 2017, I travelled to Riace to get to feel that experience up close and bring solidarity to the Mayor, who was already at that time under attack. Only those who continue to irresponsibly feed the climate of hatred and racism refuse to recognise Calabrian elders sitting on the benches next to young migrants, children of all colours and origins play together running through the alleys. These new citizens separate waste collection throughout the community, helping the local economy, open shops, and inhabit abandoned houses once again.”


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