New fears of a pyromaniac in Mazzini

Three more vehicles burnt behind ConadP1020443

Only recently the presumed pyromaniac who had set fire to various vehicles in the Mazzini area had been stopped and arrested by the police. The 50-year-old man immediately confessed to his presumed crimes as the police knocked on his door. “I couldn’t help myself as I don’t really remember anything about the events,” he admitted to the officers at the time. “I need help,” he added.

burnt out carsHowever, just as residents breadth a sigh of relief that the pyromaniac had finally been caught the fire brigade were called to three more vehicles on fire at the back of Conad on Via Mazzini.

“It’s the umpteenth fire, probably of a malicious nature,” a police spokesperson recalled. “They were parked inside the supermarket parking in Via Mainoldi. There were three cars, including one van.”

According to a cursory investigation by the firefighters, together with the police, the material stored inside one of the car’s caught fire and quickly spread to the front of the vehicle. It eventually spread to the other cars.

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