Fines up to 500 euros for abusers

Comune increases penalty for those abandoning rubbish

The hard fist of the commune is coming down hard for those who do not separate their rubbish or abandon it on the street. The bill could get very expensive for those flouting the rules regarding proper waste disposal with fines up to €500.

Separated and general waste outside an apartment.

Separated and general waste outside an apartment.

Bill amendment

The latest amendments to the regional plan for waste management by Aesir (Emilia-Romagna Territorial Agency for water and waste services) were approved by the junta in Viale Aldo Moro. Their plan raises the maximum penalty threshold from 200 to 500 euros, whereas the minimum is fixed at 50. The municipality also implemented the amendment to the regulation and now the process is underway for approval, which will lead to a council committee for confirmation. Incidentally, the law is already in force as the municipal police and the Gev (ecological officers in charge of raising sanctions), simply move it forward via a formal official passage. The work to punish transgressors will get harsher. As well as actual human witnesses, spy cameras placed outside the historic centre in 2018 have already resulted in 33 fines.

Sofa next to bin without HERA notification.

Sofa next to bin without HERA notification.

Thousands in fines

It’s an innovative system designed to target those who abandon their waste next to bins or who do not follow the correct collection methods. But the real enemy for abusers is the municipal and the Gev agents prepared to carry out physical checks. They have increased blanket controls, both in the historical centre and outside the city walls. In 2017 they carried out 940 inspections, which led to 700 fines and 701 in 2916. This represents an excellent average between spot check operations and implemented measures. This trend started in 2012 and has continued meaning this year should see the same numbers or slightly higher.

Nobody is spared

The ecological guards check the bags placed outside apartments during the evenings of door-to-door collection or even from bags and boxes scattered around the city to catch those abusing the differentiating waste system. And once an irregularity is brought to their notice the hunt for the culprit is triggered. It only takes them to discover a ticket with a name, a receipt or any kind of personal reference in the bag that could lead to finding those responsible for their action. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see an operator with their hands rummaging through a rubbish bag dumped in the street. They will check everything so abusers be warned!

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