Bolognese are among the richest in Italy

eurosMonte San Pietro citizens declare the most taxable income, but overall in the Apennines people are considered the ‘poorest’. 6.5% of the richest taxpayers declare 26% of all total income

According to the Treasury, the Bolognese are among the richest in Italy after declaring their taxes. The metropolitan city of Bologna has, in fact, released a complete report on income reported in 2017 for the year 2016.

There are over 765,000 taxpayers in Bologna for a total of 19.2 billion euros of income with an average total income per taxpayer of 25.083 euros, 10.3% higher than the regional one (22.736 euros) and 21, 5% compared to the national average (20.640 euros).

The winners

The richest municipality is Monte San Pietro. All the ten municipalities around Bologna, which reveal an average income per taxpayer above the metropolitan average, come to 25,083 euros. The highest average income (29.518) is recorded in 2016 in the municipality of Monte San Pietro, while San Lazzaro di Savena (the top in 2015) falls into second place, and Bologna, with 27.127 euros, falls to third place. The lowest average income (18,947 euros) is recorded in the municipality of Castel d’Aiano.

The losers

Italian Treasury

Italian Treasury

The report also highlights municipalities with less taxable income. In 10 municipalities the average income per taxpayer is lower than the Italian average, equal to 20.640 euros, as in 2015. In 25 municipalities income is below the regional average, equal to 22.736 euros.

The concentration of average incomes below the national average in mountainous areas represents a second structural feature of the geographical distribution of income at the metropolitan level.

Income bands

In the metropolitan area of Bologna the majority of taxpayers declare between 15,000 and 26,000 euros. In 2016, the overall income of the city was in fact structured as follows:

– 245,000 taxpayers declared less than 15,000 euros (32.4%) of which almost 150,000 declared less than 10,000 euros (19.6%). The income figure up to 15,000 euros is considerably less than the 45% recorded nationally and slightly lower than in 2015;

– 258,600 taxpayers declared between 15,000 and 26,000 euros (34.2%);

– almost 202,200 taxpayers declared between 26,000 and 55,000 (26.8%);

– the income classes of more than 55,000 euros are much less numerous (approx 49,000 taxpayers), but they are associated with considerable income amounts: 6.5% of the richest taxpayers in fact report 26% of all total income.

Income sources

80% of income comes from employees (50.8%) or pensions (almost 30%). The income from self-employed work and that for entrepreneurs is about 8%.

Employee and similar income weigh significantly – over 53% and over 55% – in the municipalities around the Bolognese plains, particularly in the north-west, and in the lower part of Imola. Self-employment income is present to a greater extent – from 3% to more than 5% – in the municipalities of San Lazzaro di Savena, Pianoro, involving the Via Emilia Est and the areas leading up to Imola.

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