City’s Clock Tower to get a make-over

Restoration due for completion December 22nd

Torre dell'Orologio

Torre dell’Orologio

The make-over for Torre dell’Orologio looking over the main Square means it will be silent from Sunday 28 October until Thursday 22 December. There will be no tolling either from the municipal building for the transition from summer to daylight saving time in winter. However, it’s assumed that all will return to normal for the Christmas holidays.

Restorative work will focus in particular on the decorative and lining lithic elements as well as on the bricks of the tower and its upper parapet, including the cornices in sandstone, not excluding wither the cement elements of the belfry. Particular attention and care will also be dedicated to the clock itself and to all its intricate elements, such as the dial to the metallic spheres.

This work is also part of the extensive care project by the municipality, which recently restored the balcony for married couples and the two marble eagles (one of which was attributed to Michelangelo) to their original splendour. Further ongoing work includes some rooms of the Municipal Art Collections.

The Administration’s aim from now to May will be to make the municipality building more accessible, in addition to the Clock Tower, via the internal wooden staircase. This means that there will be additional steps added for access to the first terrace, raising the height of the current access door to the balcony, installing a parapet and, finally, providing the area with new lighting and security cameras. This tender was won at a cost of 220,000 euro to the city.

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