9,000 Mobike trips a day

Account suspension for cheaters!

The company is thinking of ‘punishing’ those who privatize the orange bikes, for example by parking them in the backyard or by locking them

Mayor Virginio Merola appealed to users by saying, “Many use the bike sharing, should not park the bikes badly.” Then there was a further warning launched by Davide Lazzari, head of institutional relations of Mobike: “The real damage is not by acts of vandalism, but those who privatize the bicycle. There are those who hide it in their own backyard, therefore unreachable by others, and in some cases even chain it up.”


For this reason, the company is thinking of applying an exemplary punishment: suspend the account for a certain period of time for those who perform this impropriety. “The system would allow us to do this already, but we want to see how this phenomenon evolves,” explains Mobike’s Lazzari, who spoke at a conference on sustainable mobility at the Oratory of San Filippo Neri. “If we introduce this new policy, we will let our users know.”

Moreover, underlines Lazzari, “the real damage is not the acts of vandalism, but those who privatize the bicycle, not because of an economic issue, but because it is contrary to the philosophy of bike sharing.” After three months from its start, Mobike Bologna had a real boom in users.

La Lega: Paola Francesca Scarano

La Lega: Paola Francesca Scarano

According to the director of the Mobility sector of Palazzo D’Accursio, Cleto Carlini: “To date, there are about 9,000 journeys a day and 91% of users use the shared bike no more than half an hour.”

City Council

Mobike has been present for a long time and with a larger fleet in other cities. Milan, for example, has about 8,000 bicycles (Bologna will reach 2,500 by next spring) and users rack up 12,000 trips a day. Meanwhile, even in the City Council the Lega party raised the issue of the incorrect use of Mobike in the city. “It is an unstoppable phenomenon,” says head of the Carroccio, Paola Francesca Scarano, “there seems to be a race for those to do the most absurd parking, so the company (Mobike) needs to control these incorrect behaviours.”

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