Carabinieri Check Vaccine Certificates

Protests kick off in Bolognese schools

PD rejoices after amendment freezes the so-called flexible vaccine programme in the Milleproroghe.

By Alexandra Patton

New Requirements

Carabinieri del Nas are carrying out checks in Emilia-Romagna schools. The checks verify the authenticity of the documentation for children’s vaccinations. Of the few institutions audited so far, no anomalies or irregularities have emerged, however, to get a complete picture of the situation, it will be necessary to wait for the data that will be released by Rome at the end of the monitoring campaign.

Authorities Support Amendment

Article on Vaccinations 27.8.19 in Bologna Press

Article on Vaccinations 27.8.19 in Bologna Press

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Emilia-Romagna region rejoice at the presentation of an amendment to the Milleproroghe decree. This amendment suspends the vaccination obligation for a year. “It is first and foremost a victory for common sense,” commented the President Stefano Bonaccini. Regional councilor for health, Sergio Venturi added, “It is the right answer not only to the many requests of doctors, pediatricians, health experts, but also families and school managers. On several occasions, they have challenged the risky vaccination choice that threatens the health of those youngest in our community.” Deputy Mayor of Bologna, Marilena Pillati commented on Facebook following a post by PD deputy Luca Rizzo Nervo, “We are on the right track. Go on like this.”

No Vax and Protests

A protest occurred in Bologna in response to the amendment. Protestors gathered under the abbreviation ‘Lov.’ Advocating for freedom from the vaccination obligation, they started from Piazza XX Settembre, along Via Indipendenza up to Piazza Nettuno.

About 5,000 people marched through the streets of the city to say “no” to the children’s vaccination programme. They came from different parts of Italy, bearing banners and drums. The city of Bologna was not chosen for the protest by chance, as Emilia-Romagna was the first region to pass the law that prescribes that registered children must be vaccinated, under penalty of exclusion.

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