“Francis Bacon. Mutazioni”

By Giorgia Ferro

With the summer season, a new contemporary exhibition was inaugurated in Bologna: “Francis Bacon. Mutazioni” at Palazzo Belloni in via Barberia running from the 1st of June to the 16th of September.

Papa Pastello

Papa Pastello

About 70 works, including drawings, pastels and collages, created by Bacon between 1977 and 1992. They reveal to the public the intimate dimension of his work in an attempt to discover and shape the psychological and interior condition of the contemporary man.

“Mutazioni”, by Gino Fienga, is a real journey around the human figure, an investigation in which characters, popes and crucifixions are no longer only solitary protagonists of their own space but also become a great metaphor of life: an allegory of the mutability of things, of the volubility of emotions, of the inability of people to be ‘put in a box’.

Through its powerful portraits, Bacon accompanies the visitor on a visionary path where demons and truths meet, pains and contradictions of the conscience that condense in itself the discomfort and the restlessness of twentieth century society. The faces are transfigured leaving us with a sense of questioning towards the identity of the person wether metaphorical or not.

In this crowd of characters, perhaps a crowd of self-portraits in a way, a profound solitude emerges and a constant search for answers and certainties that, probably, never arrived.

The work of Bacon, he himself said, comes directly from the unconscious, from which emerge impulses, cries and passions and among these there are daring visions. The exhibition offers an exclusive focus on little-known designs in which it reveals lustful instincts and an expression of very colorful and eclectic mixes, where primary colors seem to be favored.

The visitor will also be able to complete and enrich the Baconian itinerary through photographs and multimedia contents, such as the interactive installation of a deforming mirror triptych to discover emotions and sensations aroused by the transformation and mutation of one’s own reflected image, almost becoming a copy of the pictures themselves.

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