What are the most common names in Bologna?

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The first names among the newborn rankings in 2017 are Giulia for girls and Alessandro for boys. Alessandro (43 newborns) and Giulia (39). Among the favourite names for boys is Mattia (39), Leonardo (37), Matteo (35) and in fifth position Andrea and Francesco (both with 33 newborns). For girls in second position is Sofia (38), Anna (33), Bianca (29) and then Emma (24).

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Most common names

Andrea and Maria were the most popular names here in 2017. The stats since 2005 reveal the number of residents called Andrea (5,065) and Marco (4,568); in third place Francesco (4,282), fourth Alessandro (4,046) and fifth Giuseppe (3,755). The five most widespread female names are Maria (4.365), Anna (3.852), Francesca (3.370), Paola (2.872) and Elena (2.692). In the foreign male population is Muhammad (227 citizens), but in the general classification of all the inhabitants it’s in 102nd position; it follows Ion (192), in the third place in the ranking is Mohamed (181 foreigners), fourth Ahmed (128) and finally Vasile (124). Among the foreign women names is Maria (482 residents) and Elena (406), followed by Tatiana (231), Natalia (203) and Mariya (196).

What are the most common surnames and names in Bologna?

The calculator reveals: Mr. Rossi, at sixteenth spot is Mr. Hossain. In 2017 there was no change at the top of the surnames ranking: again, first is Mr. Rossi (1,290 people), followed by 946 Venturi, 833 Fabbri; fourth place is Ferrari (805), followed by Montanari (724), Gamberini (724), Nanni (674), Barbieri (672), Russo (634), Monti (628). Surprisingly, there are 10 foreign surnames among the first 100 most common surnames in Bologna. The first Hossain, ranking 16th (463 including 124 of Italian citizenship); in second place among foreign surnames is Ahmed (334), followed by Chen (328), Khan (281), Singh (263), Hu (260), Akter (243), Muhammad (232), Islam (229), Zhou (217).

Source: http://inumeridibolognametropolitana.it

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