Young girl in hit and run accident by BFC player’s car

Accident at Borgo Panigale involves mystery driver

A 12 year old girl was hit after a Mercedes with French license and belonging to Calcio Cheick Keita drove at high speed in via Emilia Ponente. The player though denied he was driving at the time of the accident. copy

It happened at 2pm in Borgo Panigale area, exactly at the point where the bridge overlooks the railway. The Mercedes, which has a French license plate hit and wounded the 12-year-old Moldovan girl. Immediately after the collision the driver sped away only to return to the scene after about a quarter of an hour. The municipal police identified the 22-year-old Franco-Malian defender as Calcio Cheick Keita, who is on loan from Birmingham and with zero appearances in the Premier league. The car is his, but the player said that he was not driving at the time of the accident.

The girl was taken to the Maggiore hospital in moderate condition, with a prognosis not yet certain. The position of the player is currently under consideration and there are some elements to be clarified. For example, it seems that immediately after the impact and before the car started off again, a person got out of the Mercedes to check on the 12 year old and to help her. But then the car left the scene and came back after a quarter of an hour with Keita. He explained that he came back to the accident site to check the girl’s condition and explain his situation – something that the investigators are now trying to establish.

Both have reported that the player was not at the wheel at the time of the collision, so police have requested for anyone at the scene to come forward with any witness accounts.

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