Maisonventidue aka private art museum

Maison Ventidue exhibit 1

Maison Ventidue exhibit 1

Located in the heart of the city – smack bang in the middle of Via dell’Indipendenza – Maison Ventidue, hosts local and international artists and their research in the field of performance, installation and interior design. The residence adopts the name HOMEMADE in line with the living space and the city through site-specific studies and collaborations with national and international institutions.

Maison Ventidue stands out for its design style with which it also realizes Special and Corporate Events (exhibitions, launch events, roadshows, meetings and special events). Each event is sewn around the needs of customers, be they artists, companies or individuals.

The experience in the artistic field is endowed with a singular sensitivity that allows us to feel firsthand the same emotions and values that we will then be able to share with our clients in a project or in a production.

Mariarosa Lamanna next to an installation

Mariarosa Lamanna next to an installation

Maison Ventidue combines the experience of artistic curating with that of a communication agency with a specific expertise in logistics, following each phase of the organization of an event with punctuality and excellence in execution.

Mariarosa Lamanna

Mariarosa is the founder, enthusiastic character and all round go-getter behind this wonderful initiative. Her other jobs include being a musician and teacher. She is project manager and communication strategist of Maison Ventidue. A tireless and curious person, Mariarosa likes to create connections and synergies between places and people.

Current installation:


Maison Ventidue exhibit 2

Maison Ventidue exhibit 2

Homme / Food Homeless by Marcello Martinez Vega is the exhibition project presented at Palazzo Mora in Venice for the collective Personal Structures, an official collateral event of the Venice Biennale 2017 organized by the GAA-Foundation (GAAF) / European Cultural Centre.

Homme-Food / Homeless offers a critical reflection on topics such as nutrition, identity, new and ancient migrations. It concentrates strong symbolic works that transcend eras and contexts installed in a private house, which is a habitat for art and a symbol of hospitality. It will do so thanks to the support and collaboration of a dense network of supporters from the academic world, food entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in the area.

Marcello Martinez Vega symbolically analyses the political and social dynamics that cross and often upset our era, declining the works in structures, powerful images. Five installations animate the space with meanings and contemporary totems; habitat and ship; destination and arrival; journey and exodus; nourishment.

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