Granarolo buys English Midland company

granaroloThrough its subsidiary Granarolo UK, the Midland Food Group was taken over by Granarolo. Midland is a distributor of fresh and frozen food products in the United Kingdom. The British company has 224 employees and a planned turnover of 70 million euro, serving thousands of customers through two owned warehouses in Willenhall in the Birmingham area, where it produces and packages a range of high quality gastronomy and in Basingstoke, about 80 kilometers from London. The new London base is considered strategic for distribution in the City and in the south of England.

With the acquisition of Midland Food Group the Bolognese food giant reports that England will represent the third biggest market for them after Italy and France. Their long-term goal is to reach a turnover of 100 million euro.

The UK diary portfolio, which has been operating in for over 40 years accounts for about 30% of revenues but the company also distributes frozen products, beverages, condiments, canned fruits and vegetables, rice and pasta and produces pies and sandwiches.

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