Europe’s Political Youth Revolution

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A political PEACEFUL revolution is underway and going viral across every European country, city, town and village. From the far corners of the Irish coast to the Romanian borders with Moldavia, from the most southern Mediterranean towns in Italy, Spain and Greece to the upper Nordic countries like Finland, the ‘OLD EUROPE’ of Donald Rumsfeld is preparing for battle of a David & Goliath proportions.

A whole generation of youth is mobilising its resources to conquer a traditional political world that for far too long has been completely ignoring them. And this is how they are doing it: by numbers!volt member growth_22.2.18
They are organizing events and meet-ups in local bars and homes; they are talking, discussing, and writing European policies (from scratch); they are pooling their resources together to show how efficient, quick and methodical they are; they are using their own funds but also trying to establish a huge funding operation in preparation for EU elections in 2019; they are using every social media tool to get their message out and contacting anyone who will listen; they are researching statistics to measure, count, poll and plan for their targeted audiences; they are communicating in many different languages (and using English as their platform, ironically, considering that Brexit was the big catalyst for this grass roots movement); they are reaching out to schools, youth groups to preach their message of “a pan-European, progressive movement aiming to revolutionize the way politics is done across Europe.

We want to make people believe in politics, again. We want to make Europe work, together. We want to become a real pan-European political party to change European and national politics, forever.”

Their core values are:

  1. Human dignity

  2. Equal opportunities for everyone

  3. Freedom, justice and sustainability.

To say their aim of a truly democratic Europe is nothing but courageous and an unenviable battle of wits. But they don’t see this monstrous political battle as anything but necessary. May be it’s their youthful nature that convinces them of their invincibility. Or perhaps, it’s the many years of losing hope after an economic crisis around the time many of their members were still at high school in the early 2000’s, and which has yet to provide them of any hope for their working careers ahead. Or perhaps, it’s the sick feeling they get regarding the rise of far-right groups and our leaders lack of morals in condemning hate and racist crimes. Or perhaps, it’s watching our climates changing beyond recognition resulting in more extreme weather patterns that brings disasters, storms, unseasonal periods, and believing that just may be the planet will not be habitable for much longer.

In either case, this is a population on the move. Local and international political leaders are beginning to take notice through a few opportune moments in the press. Volt Europa has all the time in the world – if it doesn’t end in natural disaster or nuclear war beforehand! They have a few things ‘Old Europe’ politicians do not possess: time, energy and far too much enthusiasm to get bogged down in bickering about how to change the world. They mean business and are going after their rich, comfortable livelihoods!


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