Fico hits magic number 750,000

Business turnover shows it’s worth 13 million euroFico

Tiziana Primori

Tiziana Primori

Almost 750,000 visitors attended Fico Eataly World in its first 11 weeks creating a turnover of 13 million euro. In a statement Primori states that they have a “Target of 6 million admissions in 3 years.” Plus, the first night bus aims to transport staff employees from and to the centre of Bologna.

The New York Times recently reported that 60% of those who visited the agri-food park, along with the Emilia Romagna region, were among the most attractive tourist destinations of 2018 while the number of foreigners is between 7-8%. Top number of visitors among these stats is the French, followed closely by the British, Americans and the Spaniards. According to the data processed by Nomisma, 56% of those arriving from outside Bologna are mainly for Fico and over 3 visitors in 10 stopped in the city for one or more nights, generating a return to the local economy that of around 10 million euro.

“The attendance goal for the park to reach full capacity, which will take 3 years, is to hit the 6 million mark,” explained head of Eataly World, Tiziana Primori, “but already at the end of the first year we are counting between 3.5-4 million.”

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