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Unions and Comune in fight to limit fascism and xenophobia

Agreement aims: “To prevent the allocation of public spaces in future to groups and associations inspired by fascist, racist and xenophobic ideologies.”

Several agreements have already been signed in the metropolitan area by trade unions in collaboration with the new and recently appointed security councillor Alberto Aitini. His representation on behalf of the Municipality of Bologna is to send a clear and unambiguous message that the allocation of public spaces to groups and associations that are inspired by fascism, racism and xenophobia will no longer be tolerated.

Alberto Aitini


With particular reference to the attack in Macerata, both the commune and union groups aim to demonstrate that they share strong concerns about what is happening in our territory. The agreement seeks to reinforce historically common values of our Constitution and anti-fascism throughout this region. The various initiatives that follow each other on the territory by associations and / or parties that do not recognize these values founded by the Republic have encouraged CGIL, CISL, and UIL to take a stand together so this phenomenon may be tackled at all levels and defeated.

As such, the agreement has brought about the need to include in compliance with the Constitutional Charter in the regulations on the granting of rooms and public spaces; they will therefore be integrated, subordinating them (renting space) to signing a declaration of commitment to respect for the Constitution itself. An internal union note states: “We will also proceed to amend the regulation in this sense for the occupation of public land, on relations with free association forms, of the regulation for use of municipal halls and for granting patronage of the City of Bologna, the regulation on collaboration between citizens and administration for the care and regeneration of urban areas.”

Another part of the agreement included the need to proceed coherently on trade, for example prohibiting the sale of objects that refer to fascist ideology. “Another unified step in line with the path that CGIL, CISL, UIL and other associations are implementing across the national territory by appealing to all the institutions is for: ‘fascism, never again’.”

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