Forza Italia has inspectors in the crosshairs

Parking-ticket-on-car-windscreenThousands of illegitimate parking fines

There were almost 500,000 fines – 468,675 to be precise – imposed by parking inspectors from January 1, 2015 until September 30, 2017. Of these, according to a study carried out by Forza Italia practically half would be ‘illegitimate’ because they do not fall within the ‘powers’ of the investigators. The stats were presented in the Prosecutor’s office on the basis of some judgments on behalf of the Supreme Court (mainly the United Sections No. 5621 of 03 February 2009 and No. 2973 of 16 February 2016).

Police job

In particular, according to the data processed by Forza Italia, the illegitimate fines in the last two years and nine months came to 228,257. Forza Italia’s Galeazzo Bignami and Marco Lisei, group leader in the Region and head councillor in the municipality for Forza Italia went on the attack. “The time has come to end this practice that is damaging to both the Bolognese and the workers of Tper. Hundreds of thousands of illegitimate sanctions that should and could be done regularly but are not. It is not acceptable to pursue legality in an illegitimate way. This attitude demonstrates the will to make money by ignoring the rules. To make illegitimate sanctions exposes ministers, who already do a difficult job, to further challenges and also forcing citizens to sue and which could be avoided.” They concluded, that, “Fines could and should be handed out by the municipal police or inspectors could be hired by the Municipality. With these illegitimate sanctions the goal of greater road safety is not being helped.”

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