Rossoblu boss Saputo drops hints about new stadium

Photo from the Zavanella project.

Photo from the Zavanella project.

Apparently the restructuring of the Dall’Ara stadium isn’t up to everyone’s liking.

It’s proceeding much slower than expected.

Between the royal blue shape of the new third shirt and Luca Carboni and Marco Di Vaio’s predictions on the magic charm of the kit and the shadow cast by Milan on a previous game, Joey Saputo has hinted at possible new plans for a complete new stadium. New or not so new seemed to blend into one in comments during an interview at the Rossoblu Piazza Cavour shop.

The first question that journalists asked him: is his feeling about the restyling of Dall’Ara still positive?: “Absolutely yes. Our goal remains to make the Dall’Ara better than it is now. Nothing has changed and I hope there will be some good news soon.” Next question put to him: will this be the turning point for the growth of Bologna? “The growth of Bologna will be at Dall’Ara or the new stadium, but we must also increase the club’s revenues, both with television rights and with the sale of tickets and merchandising.”

Joey Saputo

There doesn’t appear to be any real updates. The restructuring of Dall’Ara was and remains their first priority, one on which the club and Palazzo d’Accursio are working together as in their stated agreement from the beginning with annexed redevelopment project for the Cierrebi area and above all of the extensive area around Prati di Caprara.

No one from the Casteldebole HQ has ever denied that in the face of insurmountable obstacles (according to the financial sustainability of the project) that plan B should not be taken into consideration – Plan B being the construction of a new stadium as yet in an area to be identified. Until yesterday, however, Saputo had never explicitly mentioned it. Journalists suspect he may have had a Freudian slip, or its may be due to his Italian still lagging a bit. If any doubt remains though, one thing is for certain and that’s the obvious slow rate of progress in the Dall’Ara restyling project in recent months.

Sports councilor Matteo Lepore put a slightly more diplomatically tone on it by pointing out that the club reported a total spending commitment of about 200 million (70 to redo the Dall’Ara and the rest to redevelop the so-called secondary areas) that perhaps accounts for the recent delays. Fenucci however, put it more directly by adding: “It is not an easy operation or a short time to convince investors to put together certain figures.” A truth that perhaps begins to really reveal various new scenarios.

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