Unibo Professor Lucia Rossi to be next EU judge

Rossi's unibo profile page

Rossi’s unibo profile page

Rossi: “A nomination that is also an important recognition for Bologna and Alma Mater.”

Lucia Serena Rossi, law professor of European Union Law at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Bologna, is the first Italian woman to be appointed Judge of the European Court of Justice. As a Professor in Unibo, she is also Coordinator of the Doctorate Program in European Law.

The Court of Justice of the European Union, with its seat in Luxembourg, is an EU institution whose task is to ensure the observance of the law in the interpretation and application of EU Treaties. The legitimacy of the acts of EU institutions observe compliance by Member States with their obligations arising from the Treaties and it interprets Union law at the request of national courts.

In the past, two Alma Mater professors Paolo Mengozzi and Federico Mancini were general attorneys at the Court: “It’s a test” says Lucia Serena Rossi, “so it’s not enough to prepare in a few days. It takes a good curriculum, built day by day, with a working life. I must thank those who believed in me, the Italian government and in particular the Undersecretary of European Policies Sandro Gozi, who played a decisive role.”

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