Merola threatens Via Petroni bars with “legal action”

Via Petroni's bars under strict new rules.

Via Petroni’s bars under strict new rules.

In an opening salvo against two bars in particular, the Mayor is not moving an inch regarding the new strict rules in force against Bar Absolute and Cucchiaio D’Oro. Complaints from the local residents reached a crescendo in the past few weeks as students celebrated like there was no tomorrow. A few incidents of house parties did not help their case either as the police were called on several occasions to quel disturbances.

Resident complaints:

  • Public disturbances
  • Noise levels too high
  • Street degradation
  • Abuse against residents

Locals complained that on top of the noise levels there would always be a mess of rubbish, broken bottles and glass lying around the street, for which families with young kids felt especially vulnerable.

“Anyone breaking the rules will face the law.”

Merola stated that the new rules, were only in force until February 2018. The new rules state that until February 28, 2018, Bar Absolute and Cucchiaio D’Oro must close their premises by 1900 every night.

Resident on police: “They would stand around just observing the nightly chaos that went on here.”

It’s the Mayor’s first practical attempt to take on the many complaints of the residents. In the past, Via Petroni’s resident association hurled criticism at the comune for doing too little too late and not really caring.

Police intervention has also always been very circumspect. One local told Bologna Press that despite the obvious police patrols in the area drugs and alcohol street sellers operated with impunity. “They would stand around just observing the nightly chaos that went on here.”

The initiative is being hailed by Merola as a “civic wake-up call,” in order as he put it, “to treat those severely who do not respect the rules of the city.”

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