Count down begins for the ALL-NEW-Neptune Fountain

nettuno1Inauguration set for December 22

Riccardo Malagoli

Riccardo Malagoli

Il Gigante is about to reveal a shocking new ‘cleaner’ look. There’s still a few more weeks for historic monument to see the light again – just in time for Christmas. The elaborate maze of scaffolding that has intertwined the fountain for more than a year during the delicate restoration work will begin to be gradually dismantled from the beginning of December. And so the most anticipated countdown for one of Bologna’s most beloved landmarks begins.

The inauguration is set for December 22 though the date is still to be confirmed.

Public Works Councillor, Riccardo Malagoli, noted of the anticipated event: “We will see a Neptune as we have never seen before. Such a restoration has never been undertaken and the work will have been very faithful carried out to roll it back to its original state.”

Thanks to the generous contributions from private citizens spear-headed by a campaign on behalf of ‘Il Resto del Carlino’ the future of Neptune is guaranteed for many more years to come. Malagoli added, “Now continued maintenance is paramount and this will be programmed to the smallest detail for the foreseeable future.”

nettuno2The councillor, however, made one last appeal to the Bolognese: “We all have to deal with this monument with great respect and to remember how very delicate it is.” So, “it would be better not sit around its sides (as was often the case for photos for example).” For this reason more controls by the vigili will be intensified in order to avoid vandalism and any unorthodox behaviour. Finally, at the beginning of 2018, the new lighting system will be installed, which will ultimately complete the entire restoration project: “The Superintendent has already given his agreement, but the lights can not be mounted before the scaffolding has been disassembled.”

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