E-controls for Marconi air passengers

Biometric passports: fast track through security


Bologna Marconi Airport

Air passengers passing through Marconi Airport will soon be ‘flying’ through some security controls by using their biometric passports – which have already been installed in many other European airports. The new border controls to be installed with automated-gates mean travellers will literally go through in seconds rather than minutes or hours, as it often seems during the busy holiday periods.

This is all down to the self-servicing technology called Sita, for European Union members with biometric passports and a facial recognition system. The news came on a day when over 10 thousand people passed through Marconi. Many passengers were said to be enthusiastic this potential reduction of waiting times.

In practice, the biometric technology when scanned at the e-gate will confirm that the passenger is the owner of the passport, recognize his/her identity and validity of the document. If the protocols are cleared said passenger would be permitted into the country, therefore allowing their smooth transit through the airport. In case any doubt further security requirements will be required meaning a face to face recognition and possibly fingerprint examination.


New biometric passport

CEO of Marconi Nazareno Ventola, proudly declared that, “With more than 7 million passengers in 2016 Bologna was the fastest growing airport among the 15 busiest in Italy. Today, passengers are requesting more and more self-service options that allow them to pass through security controls quicker and smoother. This is why we’ve introduced the e-gate Sita, giving us the opportunity to welcome more travellers flying into Bologna in increasing numbers, particularly during peak times.”

President of Sita Europe, Dave Bakker, announced that, “Bologna airport is the fourth Italian airport to introduce the SITA automated gates for border controls. Our E-Gate is a concrete example of the work done in Italian airports, where we offer technological solutions, easy to use and able to comply with high security standards. Sita is the world’s leading provider of technology for border checks: our iBorders systems ensure border security in 30 governments worldwide. Apart from the self-service technology the significant benefits to travellers and airports globally is to support the smooth flow of passengers.”

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