Fell in love in Bologna, divorced in New York

But… Italian romance is back on again for Joey!

The bed has barely cooled, when the surprising news arrived from Venice that Tacopina is now head honcho of Venezia FC.

The two met and fell in love over Bologna FC and for a time all seemed to be honky dorey until that is, the rumor mill began to churn out reports that the charming Tacopino and wealthy Saputo were falling apart.

Schermata 2016-06-27 alle 16.41.15So, on September 18 2015 their lawyers submitted the first papers were divorce in New York.

Unlike the Italian system where it can take years for the courts to decide and conclude a settlement, the USA is well known to boast of its speedy divorce cases, hence, the reason why both parties flew back across the Atlantic.

“I spent a lot of time and money,” reported Tacopina. For this reason he demanded a $5million pay off to relinquish the Presidency’s position of Bologna FC.

Joey demanded $5,000,000 settlement – only gets $3,000,000

Saputo, however, was said to be somewhat none too pleased of this vast sum and they eventually agreed on $3million.

On landing in Venice (9.10.15), Tacopina said he was without any feelings of remorse or rancor. Regarding a future match against Bologna he said, “I’m just here to return Venezia FC to Serie A, so this isn’t about revenge.”

“Bologna will always have a piece of my heart,” said the former president of Rossoblu.

All bets are now on to see how long this venetian romance will last.

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