Sneaky cameras set to catch speeders

Newly mounted cameras on Viale Panzacchi and Via Stalingrado have been surreptitiously located behind lamp posts or trees to catch spending offenders.   

DSCN3055TDSCN3051he cameras are part of the council’s new campaign to fill up their coffers with cash. How else can it explain the sudden introduction of several more telecameras on Via dei Mille, Via Mazzini and Via Indipendenza as part of the Rita system.

Those latter cameras have already been activated and will no doubt ratchet up plenty of unsuspecting victims on their return from holidays.

The comune boast that similar actions in the past have immediately led to a 50% reduction in traffic congestion.

Howeve r, the speed cameras showing in the photos clearly show a concerted effort to confuse motorists as to their exact nature. Trees and posts literally hide the cameras until it’s probably too late for a motorist to realize what’s happening.

This would therefore smack of a dubious ploy to rake in more money rather than to seek to prevent speeding along those tracks of road.

They are expected to be turned on in the early autumn.

At the same time a host of other new cameras have also been installed along many bus lanes such as Vial Ercolani, Via Santo Stefano and on pedestrian zones in the center. These too will be active in autumn.

Schermata 2015-08-30 alle 17.06.40

Complete list of telecameras across the city:

RITA – Via Matteotti

RITA – Via Andrea Costa

RITA – Via San Donato

RITA – Via Saffi

RITA – Via Saragozza

RITA – Via Amendola

RITA – Via Bertoloni

RITA – Via Belmeloro

RITA – Via Ugo Bassi

RITA – Via Rizzoli

RITA – Via Indipendenza

RITA – Via Berlinguer

SIRIO – Porta San Vitale

SIRIO – Porta Santo Stefano

SIRIO – Via D’Azeglio

SIRIO – Via San’Isaia

SIRIO – Via San Felice

SIRIO – Via Riva di Reno

SIRIO – Via Marconi

SIRIO – Via Alessandrini

SIRIO – Viale 12 giugno

SIRIO – via Finelli

SIRIO – via Capo di Lucca

SIRIO – via Borgo San Pietro

SIRIO – via Borgo San Pietro

SIRIO – via Mascarella

RITA – Via Murri

RITA – Via Archiginnasio

RITA – Via Donato Creti

RITA – Via Liberazione

RITA – Via Ferrarese

RITA – Via Massarenti

RITA – Via Zaccherini Alvisi

RITA – Via Mezzofanti

RITA – Via Marconi

Via Mazzini

Via dei Mille

Via dell’Indipendenza

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