9,000 Bolognese caught with their pants down, literally.

Or 8,866 to be precise. According to the Ashley Madison leaks over the summer Italians have featured predominantly in the list among all the other European countries.

Schermata 2015-08-26 alle 11.50.16And for the record, 85% of those who checked off Bologna as their place of origin are unsurprisingly men meaning that 1,300 are female. Women in Pieve di Cento apparently are far more eager to flirt with the idea of extramarital affairs than their neighbouring peers, reaching up to 23% online subscribers.

Not to be outdone though, Madison’s clientele also hail from many other towns in the hinterland:

Imola 603, San Giovanni in Persiceto, 159, Argelato 150, Zola Predosa 130, Reno 112, Castel Maggiore 103, Casalecchio 112.

ashley mad fotoInterestingly, the most faithful, that is to say, the place with the least registered members happens to be San Lazzaro. With a population of 32,000 they can only boast a measly 25 members.

The map can easily be found online and is aptly named ‘Malfideleco’.

Interestingly, the most faithful, that is to say, the place with the least registered members happens to be in San Lazzaro.

The complete list is available to anyone via the Tor browser having been dumped there by the hackers. Furthermore, there are several sites that users can check if their ‘faithful’ partners are on the list.

For example, Trustify (http://www.trustify.info/check) is one of those sites where a user only needs to input an email address and hit the search button.

Note, however, that Ashley Madison does not require an email verification process, which basically means that just because an email is registered does not necessarily mean that person registered themselves.


85% men

Imola 603

San Gio. in Persiceto 159

Argelato 150

Zola Predosa 130

Reno 112

Castel Maggiore 103

Casalecchio 112



San Lazzaro

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