“Let’s take back Bologna” – Facebook Initiative


Luca D’Oristano

Under a new initiative “Insieme Riprendiamoci Bologna” via Facebook, the creator Luca D’Oristano is on a mission to clean up Bologna. The “Let’s take back Bologna” project is to give citizens a voice in a civilized manner on everyday situations which are causing disorder, lawlessness and lack of public safety.

For example, a typical civil complaint seems to be the disregard for rubbish being left in the middle of the street while at the far end of the spectrum is the violent attacks such as muggings and general thefts.

They’ve reached the 18,000 “Likes” mark which is an incredible achievement considering Luca only just started the page a year ago as he was made redundant. Better still, is the fact that the Comune di Bologna are actually acting upon many reports sent in to Riprendiamoci Bologna, such as cleaning up old motorbikes and burnt out cars.

D’Oristano’s movement is steadily going from strength to strength. The facebook page has clocked up over 2,000 shared posts and thousands of comments. To see real progress however, it’s not enough to criticise what’s happening on the streets. Instead, Luca follows through by writing to the appropriate authorities (health&safety, road works, environment dept) and lists exactly what the problem is and where it is to be found. As he happily contends after reporting a dangerous hole in the road, “The moral of the story is that the day after, the hole was immediately recovered with new tarmac.”

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