9 Reasons Why You Must Visit BOLOGNA…now

1. 40km of porticoes which may soon get UNESCO heritage approval.

Torre Garisenda

2. Medieval towers dot the skyline with incredible views over the city.

3. University of Bologna is almost 1,000 years old!

4. The 7 Churches of Santo Stefano and the piazza are a sightseer’s gift from the Bolognesi.

5. The Archiginnassio is simply breath-taking: art, history, museum and present day library.

6. Many Renaissance artists, sculptors worked in Bologna.

7. Walk up to San Luca for spectacular views of Bologna and keep fit!

8. Palazzo Poggi boasts several amazing museums in one.

9. Bologna is the food capital of Italy! Visit the Quadilatero to see why then sit through the real thing in one of many spectacular eateries.

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